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​Health & Safety Mining

Gosselin Health and Safety Consulting are proud to provide 24/7 availability to all clients and help them lead the way for success.

  • Edit and Manage any Existing Health and Safety Documentation

  • Recognize and Suggest to Create any Missing Documentation

  • Safe Work Procedure Management and Development to be Specific to the Work Being Done in the Field

  • WCB and Injury Management Programs

  • Modified Work Programs to Keep WCB Rates low

  • Workplace Safety Management for Education and Training to Workers and Managers

  • Onsite Inspections, Support and Report for the Client

  • Health and Safety Program Development and Management

  • ·Workplace Health and Safety Officer Inspections

  •  Incident Investigation for Root Cause and Corrective Action

  • Manage and Create Harassment Program / Policy

  • Covid-19 Policies and Provincial Requirements

  • Manage Disciplinary Actions for Employees and Investigations

  • COR Audit Certification and Compliance

  • Wild Life Safety Programs

  • Lightning Protocols Programs

  • Fire Prevention Programs

  • Environmental Sustainability Programs

  • Helicopter Safety Procedures

  • And More

Manager at Construction Site


Construction Site Supervisor


  • COMMON CORE Training to be Eligible to Work in Ontario.

  • Online Theory Training (First 5 Modules) to get Your Workers on Site.

  • Onsite Practical Training, to Complete Common Core Training and Ensure Your Workers are Safe and Knowledgeable.

  • ·      Various Online Safety Training That is Required to Work on-site.

  • ·      Company Specific Orientations and On-Site Safety meetings with Crews.

  • Company-Specific Equipment Competency Training / Sign-off for Operators

Creative Work


  • Banners design for hiring.

  • Advertising designs.

  • Professional copyright.

  • Website development and design.

  • Social media management.

  • IT support and management.

  • Fillable reports and tracking sheets.

  • Custom development for shift reports.

  • Reviewing and Interviewing Potential Hires and Calling References.

  • Hiring Qualified Candidates With Approval of Management.

  • Bus and Flight Management on and off-site for Employees.

  • Crew Scheduling for consistent turnaround schedule.

  • Online employee orientation and Online Employee Organized Hiring Packages.

  • Online Employee Orientation and on-line Employee Hiring package- Employees will be signing from the comfort of their homes. After the last signature and attaching all the necessary information and documentation you will get one organized email.

  • schedule management.



HR Services
Media Managment

Gosselin Health and Safety Consulting provide the implantation, setup and management of the Site Docs online safety system for our clients.  What Site Docs and Gosselin Health and Safety Consulting will do for you is as follows:


  • No more paper.  All your Safety documentation is organized in one place at all times.  No more lost papers

  • Set up Site Docs specific to your company and needs:

  -    Purchase and set up tablets with Site Docs for each company

  -    Site Docs Training and Implementation for all workers and management

  •   Maintain and manage site docs daily for accuracy and completion of all forms

sitedocs safety system
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