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What HR Services are you Providing?

We will help you create the right advertising program, share this advertising different multiple Social Media groups. Receiving phone calls from candidates, conducting interviews and sending organized online hiring and orientation packages to successful candidates. Provide orientation and book travel tickets to the work site location.

Can I do Common Core Training Without Travelling to your Location?

Yes, the online theory of Common Core (first five modules) can be conducted online from the comfort of your home or the office. After the theory part the training is complete, the trainee and company will have one year to complete the practical Common Core on-site while you are already working. The practical training can be conducted for a team of people to save on cost.

How do Workplace Injuries Affect my WCB Premium?

WBC rates and premiums vary according to your industry and the industry's safety performance.  By having a successful safety program and a modified work program you will have fewer injuries and WCB claims, resulting in your company being in a lower classification rate for your industry.  This can save you thousands of dollars.

I have too many papers that are constantly unorganized, getting lost and misplaced. My employees spend too much time finding paperwork when they need it, what is your solution?

We can set up an online safety management program called Site Docs (and can manage it). All safety paperwork, procedures and documentation as well as all the reports are in one place. All the reports are completed from tablets or even phones. The program will be accessible online or offline, if you do not have access to the internet you will still have full access to use the system.  (All completed reports while offline, will be synchronized once connected to the internet)


Does it make it complicated to manage HR or Health & Safety without being on-site? 

Not at all.  I am able to work from my office or remotely on a work site.  When you need me on the site or camp, we will make ourselves available to come and complete any task that is required.  We offer onsite audits and inspections, as well as incident investigations.  Additionally, if you need us for anything else we will always make it available for you.

How do I Become COR Certified or Conduct my COR Audit?

We are fully certified to conduct your COR audits and help you attain COR Certification or maintain your COR certification with the local Construction Safety Associations.  Additionally, we can develop and implement a 14 element COR certified safety program for your company if you want to become COR certified. 

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