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Service to our customers is our top priority. Our unique relationship with you is why we exist. we will do our very best to provide the best solutions and services for your Business


Paul Gosselin

President CEO & Health and Safety Consultant 

Paul Gosselin is the owner and a Health and Safety Consultant specializing in mining, construction and diamond drilling/exploration.  Paul recognized deficiencies in the diamond drilling industry, noting that health and safety programs were lagging behind those of other industries.  His vision to remedy the situation has made him an industry leader, admired and recognized by major companies that have entrusted Paul to develop their specialized safety protocols. 


Paul has developed unique, progressive training courses, which include classroom, online and on-site modules, integrating leading-edge technology with a user-friendly paperless system for uncomplicated use in both the office and on-site.  He has modified existing programs to optimize the benefits to workers and employers.  Tech solutions are used to support management in scheduling, HR, equipment needs and other areas as required.  He has created courses to “Train the Trainer” to educate working teams in the methods best suited to their particular work.  Areas of training include hazardous materials, bear awareness, fire safety, lighting safety, injury management and COVID-19.  


From president of the company to the field workers, Paul works both remotely and directly on-site with the entire team, establishing a relationship of trust and openness.  He knows the lingo and understands the challenges of the work, allowing him to anticipate potential issues well before they can become problematic.   Approachable, always giving 100%, he knows the mining industry and its strengths and deficiencies from the ground up. Entering the mining industry at the age of 18, his leadership skills were recognized and after six months he was given supervisory duties running a crew.  Within the year he was promoted to driller, and by age 20, he had his own company.  Since then, he has consulted for several leading companies worldwide.  He has received the Gold Seal Certificate for Construction Safety,


In 2021, he established Gosselin Health and Safety Consulting based in Winnipeg, a company that provides custom technical solutions for safety issues.

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Anna White

Owner & CFO


Anna White is the owner and Chief Financial Officer of Gosselin Health and
Safety Consulting. Anna keeps the operations of the company in motion, expertly handling the financial, administrative, purchasing and customer service aspects of the business.

With 20 years in management and experience as a regional director in the business services industry, she has proven professional skills to oversee the background work of the company. Her education includes degrees in Economics and Computer Science, combined with studies in human resources and forward-thinking technical knowledge. Along with their partners, she is always looking for new innovations in technology to improve the efficiency of the business.

Anna believes that her strong support behind the scenes will allow Paul the opportunity to focus on giving his customers the attention and hands-on assistance that they deserve, on the job and in the field.

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