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Platinum - Drillers

Job Type


About the Role

Operating in a Northern British Columbia mining environment on a one-week in/one-week out shift rotation. Solid work ethics, regular attendance, and punctuality are essential requirements for this position. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Understand, sign and comply with all company Drilling, Loading, and Blasting SOPs
Comply with directions given by Drilling Foreman
Perform pre-operation inspections on all equipment prior to use
Measure holes to make sure they are to designed depth
Understand and comply, to best of their ability, production and maintenance schedules to be provided
Provide feedback on provided production schedules
Safety compliance
Environmental Management
Technical Functions and reporting


Safety Compliance

Maintain knowledge and understanding, and follow all safety policies and procedures affecting the Mill Operations;
Practice safe work habits and support a safety culture through participation in daily, weekly and monthly safety meetings;
Identify and address unsafe conditions or hazards in the workplace;
Support fellow employees ensuring all follow safe processes.
Environmental Management

Ensure that in all aspects of the operation, environmental policies and practices are followed keeping the preservation of the natural environment a priority.

Establish and maintain two way communication channels with Supervisor and fellow employees to achieve an effective working relationship;
Communicate with management to resolve worker problems, complaints, or grievances;
Adhere to the expectations and principles derived from the Cross Cultural Training program.

Ensure housekeeping and cleanliness in all work areas are kept to the highest standards.

Minimum 3 years of drilling experience
Must be familiar with working within a Mine Operations team
Be experienced in drilling DTH 6” to 6.5” holes
Experience on the following drills is favourable (Atlas Copco 351 and 271 Pit-Viper 10 5/8-11” holes, REEDRILL SKF, CUBEX QXR920 - DTH machine)

Ability to communicate effectively;
Ability to recognize unsafe conditions or hazards in an industrial workplace;
Ability to apply logical thinking to solve problems and troubleshoot

About the Company

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